Last Days.

It's gotten pretty cold this week. Combinations of ice and rain and snow. The girls and I are staying warm with sweatshirts and fuzzy socks and wishing we had stocked up on fire wood earlier. Poor Hubby is working all week trying to catch up his numbers the last week of the year. Sick with a horrible cold and standing out side all day. He is my hero.

It is always a funny time to me. This week between Christmas and New Years. It always feels so.... silent.... like C.S. Lewis' wood between the worlds in Magicians Nephew. My goal was to use this time to clean and organize and prepare for the coming year. However, with all four of us being sick with a nasty bug it has become more of a time to flop on the sofa under lots of covers and watch a crazy amount of Law and Order.

The kids are:

Enjoying Christmas gifts.

Pushing boundaries after all Holiday hubbub.

Sick as dogs.

Going to bed late.

Napping where ever they fall.

Next week we will get back into a rhythm. But this week is more about keeping the peace. Keeping the quiet. Keeping the calm.

What are you all up to these last few days of 2012?

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