Three Years Of Dolly Making

Four years ago my daughter Abi Bear was turning one and I went in search of the perfect "first" dolly for her. During the process my good friend Marliessa introduced me to Waldorf Dolls. (You can read a rough description of them here). At the time I couldn't afford the beautiful dolls I found on Etsy so I let it go.  A year later when Abi was turning two I just couldn't get this sweet style of doll out of my mind so I attempt to make my own.

Here is Miss Abi Bear and Annie Doll.

Since that first doll I have truly fallen in love with this art and have grown a business around it.I have tried my best to make dolls that I believe in. I think every one should be able to afford an heirloom quality doll for their child that protects the beauty and purity of childhood. When so many dolls are made of plastic and are holding up unrealistic ideals I wanted a dolly for my girl that was as sweet and innocent as she is.

My dolls have changed and evolved over time but I feel like they still hold the sweet innocence that I fell in love with and Abi still loves her Annie Doll.

To celebrate three years of doll making and as a way of making sure I stay true to why I started, I am offering ONE THREE custom 6 inch doll for $20.00. First  person three people to comment bellow with their paypal e-mail address will get an invoice and e-mail from me with details.

Much love!

~Joy Leanne


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