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As some of you may remember that I participated in Onetober last month. Well this month Jennifer the lady behind The Clutch Guide came up with another great idea (that thankfully didn't involve clothing this time).

30 Days of Thank You has over 400 participants each attempting to write and mail 30 thank you notes in the month of November. That's over 12,000 thank you cards! That's a whole lot of mail and a whole lot of people being thanked.

I have loved the processes. Admittedly I am a little behind. I had a horrible cold and serious cut on my hand so I've been a little slow. BUT it has been so special.

Back in high school I was blessed with a number of friends. While we had our share of high school drama it was still a fun group that loved each other and loved God. In college I struggled a bit more making friends. Out of my comfort zone it took me a while to open myself up. But when I did I was once again blessed with amazing women who came along side of me and did life. We laughed, and cried and prayed together.

And then I got married and all of my friends graduated and most moved away and I was more lonely than I have ever been in my life. I was blessed with three amazing older sisters plus an older sister by marriage. But they all lived out-of-state and I missed the dailiness of local friends.

For years my husband and I prayed for friends for me. After nearly two and a half years of praying God answered us in one answer came in the form of my husband's best friends' wife. An amazingly selfless woman who has shown me and my daughter love in so many ways. What started out as two women hanging out while their husbands played video games has turned into one of the most rewarding relationships in my life.

The other answer came in an unexpected way when my younger brother started dating an amazing young women. Instead of bringing a friend into my life He brought me a younger sister. I am so thankful to have her in my life. She came along side of me and for nearly two years we truly did life together. And, in a way we still do, but now that she is Kansas and I'm still in VA it's a little different. So when she moved I was seriously concerned about being alone again.

This project has been such an eye-opening experience. Some how, over the past few years, my life has been FILLED with amazing women. Some where a long the way I lost track of how many ways He has answered my prayers.

He answered with fellow mom friends who answer my questions, and watch my kids, and understand the trials of raising two little ones.

He answered with the college friend who came back into my life, walked me through some of the darkest days I have ever experienced, who became my daughter's  Godmother.

He answered with fellow creative women. Who have challenged me with my writing, and blogging, and creative pursuits.

He answered with women who pray with me and point me to God when everything feels like it's falling apart.

With one woman in particular who watches my kids, and prays for me daily, and always lifts me up and is there when I need anything from coffee too an encouraging word to a new dress.

I am truly, truly blessed.


Have any one you are extra thankful for and want to send an extra special card to? Check back tomorrow for a coupon code for a free card!


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