Little Pieces

So many random thoughts rolling around in my head today. It is normally the day when I post my weekly five, but I'm just not sure that's the right thing today. It was a fitful/fretful week. The long weekend and two mild cases of the flu left me feeling a little shaky and uneven. I've been feeling weary, and fatigued this week and, more often than not, have let my emotions and anger get the better of me and blown up or allowed myself to get worked up over the silliest of things. Not even sure why I am sharing this, except perhaps as a reminder that I am not alone and as a method of accountability. In hopes that next week I can come back and you all will ask, and I will report to you that I did better this week. That I yelled less and prayer more. That I stopped the crazy train before it left the station and reminded myself of what really matters.

In Sunday school today our teacher challenged us with this "What's at stake?" Oh, how much better would my life be if I considered that before I got worked up. If I considered this before I spoke. If I remembered both the eternal significance of some things, as well as how unimportant other things are. So often I get them confused. The what matters and what doesn't.

Windows down. Counting Crows in the CD player. Sun shining. Cool breeze. Driving down back road. My hand in his. Head on his shoulder. On the verge of tears at the relief of knowing I am loved, that I am welcomed. That I am home.

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