Weekly Five

1) The past few days have been made up primarily with dealing with the giant hole in our home. Not the most fun thing to deal with. Silver lining we have gotten a lot done around the house.


2) We moved a lot of furniture around which means our basement now looks very different and I have a futon sitting in the middle of my living room. Hopefully this will motivate me to get the study done faster.

[caption id="attachment_268" align="alignnone" width="558"]I love this print. Clicking on image should take you to the source.[/caption]

3) I moved my blog from a google hosted site to my own site. With Jason's help. I am hoping to have this space feel more like "home" soon.

Carmel Apple Cheese Cake Dip

4) I am ready for fall. I'm ready for cooler weather and apples and hot tea. While I know it's a ways off I can feel us moving in that direction. My shop is picking up which is always an indicator of fall coming. I finished my pieces for the October issue of the Clutch already and I am starting to think about the December issue. and I am starting to see green acorns. A promise that though fall is not here yet, it is indeed coming!

5) I painted my nails this weekend. I haven't painted them since last winter. I like them painted.


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