Weekly Five

1) I shared last week that Josh needed 2.5 cars by Tuesday evening to meet his second bump, and that we needed to hit that to make next month work and pay down some debt. It's a very long story, but at God has provided for us in such a huge way. He is good and His mercies renew each morning. 

2) We took the wallpaper down in the guest room and are on our way to making it an office space. I'm so excited.

3) Business is picking up quite a bit for my shop and I am starting to think if I do things right and pick the Scentsy we may be able to put off me going back to work a bit longer, and still afford health insurance. I have a show every month from now till October so I'm hoping that will help as well.

4) I'm already Christmas shopping. Is that crazy? Probably have at least 5 people done with.

5) Saturday I had the day off thanks to my in laws. I spend the morning working on some dollies and sewing for myself. I made a coffee cozy just for me! I spent the afternoon in Charlostville with my two best friends. We hit up White House/Black Market and Anthropologie. I LOVE Anthropologie. For the most part I just browsed but I got a few Christmas gifts from the clearance section and this planner to keep track of writing deadlines. 

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  1. That is awesome Joy! So glad God is providing! Can't wait to see your finished office space:)I love Anthropologie as well. Score on the planner:)