Bucket List Update

It's been such a full and busy summer it feels like. And yet when I look at the girls bucket list hardly anything is checked off!! Some things just aren't going to happen. The zoo and Abi visiting my sister probably won't take place as schedules have changed and shrinky dinks are hard to find!. However, many of the things can still happen. Today I am printing out paper dolls and letting the girls work with my markers (GASP!) I got an ice cream maker from my parents and ordered a fun doll pattern to make dolls with the girls. This weekend the girls are staying three nights with Grandma and Grandpa. Then it's time to get to work staying home and having fun!

Girls Summer Bucket List
o   Zoo
o   Finger paints
o   Water fight
o   Make Popsicles
o   Dollar Movies
o   Splash Park
o   Make ice cream
o   Sidewalk chalk
o   Photo booth
o   Bean Bag Toss
o   Fireworks
o   Make Shirts
o   Library
o   Potato stamps
o   Farmers market
o   Art project
o   Make Cards
o   Pillow fort
o   Mini golf
o   Sprinkler
o   Visit Grandma and Papa
o   Visit Nana
o   Visit Aunt Tabi (Abi)
o   Visit Aunt Marge
o   Cereal Necklace
o   Sleep in tent
o   Play Dates
o   Twister
o   Make Pizza
o   Make Box Car
o   Download games on Nook
o   Make Cookies
o   Plant Something
o   Play Memory
o   Collage
o   Picnic
o   Mommy Mummy
o   Build-a-Bear
o   Fun Center
o   Shrinky Dinks
o   Go Swimming
o   Bubbles
o   Paper Dolls
o   Make a doll
o   Fairy Jar

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