My Weekly Five

Weekly 5:
My view for the vast majority of last week.

1) I was sick last week. The sickest I have been since having mono in college. It was miserable and I pretty much felt like a wimp until Saturday when I finally went to the doctor and was told I had shingles and a secondary infection that was really nasty. Don't feel so guilty for spending most of last week in bed now.

Gifts from a friend.

2) I am incredible thankful for family and friends who stepped in and took care of us last week. Josh's parents and our good friends Chris and Angie stepped in and tagged team the girls Monday morning through Thursday morning as well as part of Friday and Saturday. Friends also brought meals, coffee, flowers, ect. One gal even drove over to the doctors office to sit with me becuase my fever was so bad I couldn't stop shaking.

3) I have learned not to pay bills while feverish. It has horrible results.

This may actually replace Friends for me!

4) We started watching Big Bang Theory and are really enjoying it. It sort of reminds me of Friends in a way but definitely geared toward my generation a bit more. We have spent the past few evenings working our way through the first two seasons.
Baking Cookies with Daddy.

5) Sunday was a wonderful day. We staid home from church since our class tends to have a lot of babies in it and I didn't want to risk giving any of them chicken pox. It was wonderful and full but in a restful way. We went to the grocery store so I wouldn't have to do it own my own today. We came home and made breakfast, and baked cookies. We took naps. We danced. Josh mowed part of the back yard. We made sweet tea. Friends came over with dinner and we shot of a potato gun till the neighbors got mad and then just sat and watched the kids play on the swing set. We simply enjoyed each other and the fact that summer is almost here.

I would love to hear y'alls weekly five. Maybe even do a link up? What do you think? 

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