Rainy, Restful Wed.

It a pretty dreary day here to far. Gray and wet, though surprising not overly cold. High today is actually 68! Looks like spring is on it's way and I am more than ok with that. After a highly productive Monday and Tuesday we are are slow getting going this morning. Truth be told the girls and I are still lazing around in bed and Abi is actually still asleep after a rough night. At some point I need to get up and do some stuff to get ready for MOPS tomorrow. Also hoping to get some sewing done. I picked up some amazing yarn on vacation and I can't wait to use it!

 I finally got around to making myself a dolly before vacation. She is 6 inches and itty bitty. I am in love with her. I will definately be making some this size for Easter.

Happy Hump Day and Happy Leap Year!

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