January So far

Two months into January and I came down with a nasty cold that had me wiped out for a good week. Instead of a top to bottom house cleaning I ended up curled on on the sofa with White Collar, hot tea, and my Nook Tablet.

I have been able to sneak in some time with friends though. Including a family playdate before the kids best friends went back to school. The kids had a blast and played dress up and tea party.

Today we had family and nearly family over for a lunch of chili and hung out for a while. I even had enough energy afterwards to put together a quick tutorial for my MOPS group news letter and even cover some cork board for the kitchen and office nook in the living room. Hoping this means my energy is back up and that I will have a productive week. Lots on the slate including a trip to the store front that I have some of my product int. Have to fix up my display and figure out what I want to stock for Valentine's day.

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