Two Years of Dollies

Three years ago I fell in love with a beautiful style of doll known as Waldorf Dolls. They are beautifully simple dolls made by hand out of all natural materials. I literally spent hours drooling over these dolls (at the time made primarily in Europe) on Etsy and Ebay. Two years ago I was looking for a special gift for my Bear's second birthday and found myself re-visiting Waldorf dolls. Having more time and determination than money I attempted to make Abi Bear a doll.

Annie was made by trial and error. Including Bear taking blue marker to her face before I could get around to putting a face on her. Since the natural materials usually used to make these dolls were not available locally I used whatever I could find. My sister loving knitted the poncho and scarf.

Tacy (named after a character in one of my favorite books) was made last week. She is made with wool stuffing, wool yarn hair, cotton interlock, the works. She is so precious and it's fun to see two dolls so similar yet showing so much improvement. I really love what I do!

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