My Style

My style has definitely been evolving a lot lately. I chopped all my hair off over the summer. It is now super short. Like pixie short. I love it! It's inspired me to bring a casually girlishness into my accessories since since my three requirements in my wardrobe are simple, basic, and comfortable. Pretty much anything that is in my wardrobe my fit into one of these categories. Fitting into all three (like my favorite jeans) guaranties you will be worn till you fall apart.

The one problem with this is that is ends up being a little boring. However, since I am very unwilling to change my wardrobe requirements, I have been having a lot of fun with my accessories. Red shoes are a new favorite. As are my standard blue flats. Those add such a fun pop of color to ANY outfit. Rings, and bracelets have been my other go to since I feel like dangle earrings just don't work with the new do.

Vintage Wrist Warp

Basic Gray Wrist Wrap

Blue Rose Cocktail Ring

Bow-utiful Ring

These four pieces are ones I have made for my shop, but they are all very indicative of how my style is growing lately. A any of them is a great way to dress up jeans, t-shirt, and cardigan.

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