Doll Auction For India!

 Hello there. First I must apologize for my lack of blogging lately. We have been in the middle of some big transitions here and things have been pretty crazy. I plan on sitting down later this week and posting some updates on what has been going on in general as well as creatively in my corner of the world. I did want to make some time today though to share with you something a good friend of mine will be doing this summer. In her own words.
"As many of you know, I will be going on a mission trip to India in July. I am really excited about my trip and wanted to keep everyone updated with what is going on with the planning, what I will be doing, why I'm going, and I'll also hopefully be able to update this in July while I'm there. I am only able to add 20 people at a time so please feel free to invite any you know who would like to know more about the trip. I am so excited about what God is doing in my life! My trip will be July 19th-August 2nd. The group I am going with is through Advancing Native Missions (ANM) with the help of my good friend (one of my best friends) Trisha Anderson. A few year's ago Trisha went to India thru her work (ANM) to work with a group there called Bombay Teen Challenge (BTC). I have heard so many stories of women and children who this group has rescued from the red light district of Mumbai. These people had never known love and kindness. BTC gives them homes, jobs, food, education, and so much more. They give them friendship, love, and they teach them about the Love of Christ. My heart aches for these people. I have prayed so many times and I know that God is asking me to go. I'd like you to share in my journey with my by praying for me, my group, and those in India. http://www.adnamis.org/contribute. To donate for this trip select project>India, Mumbai/Chennai (095IGOT031)>and in comments type my name (Jill R Johnson) . I appreciate everyones prayers so much! It means so much to me to have your emotional support!"

 I am so proud of Jill. To help her raise money I am auction off a custom Goose Beary Playmate or Mermaid Doll. :) Auction will be done comment style on the blog. Auction will start at $25.00 to enter simply leave a comment with your bid. If the winning bid is $25.00-$50.00 you may choose either a 7 inch playmate or mermaid style doll. $51.00 -  $75.00 will get you a 12 inch Playmate or Mermaid and $76.00+ will get you a 14 inch playmate or mermaid style doll. :) Paymet will be made as a donation on the ANM web site with Jill's name put in the comment. This means it is tax deductable. In addition the first three people who e-mail me at j2niehaus@yahoo.com with proof of a donation of $20.00 or more will get their choice of a  4inch playmate or 6 inch mermaid. :) Bidding will be closed on May 1st! Thanks so much!!!

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