Saying yes.

The girls have hardly slept in two days and I am exhausted. The weather is yucky, and my to do list is growing rather than shrinking. "Mama said there'd be days like this." And on days like this what keeps my spirit up is baking!!!! :)

Yesterday I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast simply because Abi asked me to. I also said "yes" to early morning baths and staying until their teeth were chattering. I need to say "yes" more often. So often life as a parent of toddlers is full of "no". The girls and I could all use a few more yeses in our lives!

I've been saying yes to lots more time in the kitchen. It probably has something to do with all the pretty new things I am making for it. Like these towels. And I am sure all this cold weather helps with that to.

I also said yes to buying this book. Though I bought it at my church's book store not Amazon. It's rather interesting. Like any book it has to be taken with a grain of salt. It is opinion and not the Bible. It is also very wordy and poetic. But if you like that sort of writing (which I do on occasion) you may enjoy this. One sentence really stood out for me. 

"Eucharisteo- thanksgiving - always precedes the miracle." Ann Voskamp

So here is to saying yes to giving thanks as well. What are you saying yes to today?

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  1. saying yes to your girls' wishes sounds like a beautiful way to bring them joy!