Good Mail Day!!

I LOVE good mail days. And I have had a couple this week. Today I received two packages.

The first package was a yard of Susan Branch Tea Time Fabric. I am so in love with this and glad I oppted to buy a yard instead of a fat quarter as I tend to do.

The second box was a package from my dear friend over at Amber Apple. I have known Amber since she was in high school. She is an amazing young woman. She hosted a give away on her blog and I won. She sent me a tea cup!

Some beautiful fabric and home made cookies!

Some Earl Grey Tea, and a scarf she crocheted

Not the best picture but I tried!!!

What about you anything exciting in your mail box this week?

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness! I didn't know Susan Branch had fabric! You are my hero! yay!!

    I'm glad you liked your package!! You look so cute!