Both my girls are really into hats right now. The funny thing is how different they are in their choice of hats.

 This is Abi Bear. She is my girly, girl. My drama queen. My princess. My sensitive one. She loves pretty things, and playing out side. She loves pink, and babies and anything princess. She hates being sticky. She won't even help make rice crispy treats because it makes her hands sticky. She loves this hat because it is pink, looks like a princess and belongs to Mama. And I love her.

 This is Maddie Goose. She is my dare devil. My prankster. My bully. My funny one. She will do anything for  laugh and will enjoys provoking her sister into chasing her around the house. She is 19 months and so much of her personality is just starting to bloom. She is rough and tumble. Loves dirt, loves eating, and hates when Daddy leaves for work. She loves wearing Daddy's hats around the house. And I love her.

Both my girls are so amazing. I love how sweet and different they each are. Today however, they are with my in laws so I can have some down time. Most likely to sew. I have so much sewing to do today! I am hoping to stay focused and make a dent. Maybe then my brain will function again. It feels so cluttered with projects right now.

Happy Weekend!

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