A week until Thanksgiving.
And I am thankful for now.
For right, here right now, in this moment and place.
Thankful for a beautiful house I didn't think was possible 11 months ago.
Thankful for aching arms from raking leaves.
Thankful that those leaf piles have been strewn back across the lawn by sturdy, happy, healthy little girls jumping in them.
Thankful for conversations with dear friends.
Thankful for the good, the bad, and the painful that has drawn my family closer still.
Thankful for hot tea, and warm clothes, and cold mornings. 
Thankful for all my shortcoming and the reminder that I am oh so humane and in desperate need of a savior.
Thankful for a husband's whose grace and love have truly covered my multitude of sin.
Thankful for the chance to get to know a sibling on a new level as we once again share a home and our lives.
Thankful for restored friendship, healed hurts, and abounding grace.
Thankful that God is in it all. And begging, even pleading,  for the presence of mind not to miss it. Lord, please don't let me miss it.

"God was here, and I almost missed it"

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