Little Moments

I haven't been on here much lately. I wish I could say it's becuase I have been ridiculously busy! I have so many projects on my to do list. For Christmas, for the shop, for wedding gifts, for myself. Unfortunately very little sewing has been going on. In fact, very little anything has been going on. I haven't been feeling well since February. Recently I have been so exhausted all the time that very little is getting done. But I called the Doctor today and hopefully I will have some answers soon. 

On a much happier note I have had a few good days the past few weeks and have gotten out side to enjoy the weather with my family.

The first fall trip to The Community Market on Saturday. Abi loved all the puppy dogs, and I loved the crepes!

A walk on Labor day including a stop at the Cancer Awareness garden. Got to see the bell Mom Niehaus rung in July to celebrate her last day of treatment.

A visit to the park with some dear friends on Wed. Even managed to join the kids on the equipment. And I fit down the slide! One good things with this unknown stuff is the weight loss! Always a silver lining. Here's hoping for some energy to enjoy the weekend! Happy Friday!

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