Keeping Busy While Keeping Still

It's been hot here. So hot in fact that Hubby and I have started sleeping in the basement. Which means we pretty much live down here now. I go upstairs to change diapers, fix super easy dinners, and put the girls down for naps/bed. I've pretty much abandoned house work at the moment. I try to stay on top of the dishes but other than that, not much cleaning is happening. The heat is supposed to break on Saturday so I figure I will give the place a good scrub down then. That doesn't, however, mean I am not staying busy. I find the best way to stay cool is to keep my body still and my mind occupied. Since watching countless hours of cartoons doesn't distract me the way it does the girls, I have been keeping my mind busy by making Yo-Yo hair bands.

I know I am about a year and a half late on the yo-yo band wagon, but my mother-in-law just got my a yo-yo maker for my birthday. (I am lazy what can I say). I made Maddie Goose a bunch of embellished rubber bands for her first birthday. They turned out so well I decided to make some for the etsy shop. Off to break up a fight between my hot cranky little ones. Hope you all are staying cool!

1 comment:

  1. That's a lot of yo-yo;s! You're more on the ball than I am - I've seen them around and considered trying them, but still haven't yo-yo'd.