An update.

It is Sunday afternoon and for the first time in what feels like weeks I actually have a few moments to rest and reflect. Josh has finally finished his six week, six-day-work-weeks. We are exhausted and drained and looking forward to going back to have a regular day off every week, other than Sundays.

I've been thinking lately about this past year. It's been rather crazy. A year ago I was still six weeks from my due date for Goose. A year ago we were just finding out about my mother-in-laws cancer. A year ago we were still living in a tiny duplex. A year ago this blog was something I hardly ever visited. A year ago sewing was something I was still trying to figure out. A year ago having an etsy shop and selling my items was something I only dreamed about.

Now Goose is almost a year old. She has been walking for almost two months and she and Bear are amazing to watch together. Now Ruth is almost done with her cancer treatment. It has been a long journey for her as well as those dear to here. It has changed a lot of things and effected the dynamics of all of our relationships. It has not been easy, but we had all grown. Now, we are living in a beautiful home that we are making mortgage payments on, instead of paying rent. Now, this blog is a place that I use to truly express myself. My followers have grown from zero to 45 which is so exciting. Though I worry that i may have lost my way some how, some of my favorite most loyal commentors from last spring haven't been heard from in months. I'm saddened by this and not sure what to do about it. Now, I am sewing constantly. I have a rather large space set aside for just that. Now I have an etsy shop! It has been slow in taking off, but it is something I am committed too.

So what about you? How have things changed for you this year?


  1. A year ago I didn't know you!

  2. A year ago I was dating your brother...and now we're engaged. :) Love you!!