A Summer Solstice Bag for My Nephew

I have been sewing none stop for the past two days. I can't show a lot of it here yet becuase it's a surprise. So I won't post anything until it's safely to it's destination. (Hopefully by Friday!) However, since my 6 year old nephew doesn't know how to find my blog, I think it's safe to post his stuff.

He turned six back in February, but due to packing up my house I kind of forgot his birthday. So to make it up I am sending him a bag of goodies for his Summer Festival this weekend.My apologies for the dark picture it was really cloudy all morning and I had to get it packed up.

A drawstring back pack. I used pinking shears instead of turning in the seams. I used a different fabric for the front and the back. I use roughly a fat quarter for each side. 

 These are felt circle garlands. I got the idea over here. This is actually was inspired the entire project. The Lion loves decorating!! I didn't use wool felt becuase I was trying to de-stash and I had a ton of the eco stuff in my house.

A picnic place mat and napkin for picnics down by the lake. 

 A fabric ball.

A little Waldorf inspired Gnome with sleeping bag and pillow. I figured he was just the right sized to be a perfect buddy on Summer adventures. I used the dolls house doll pattern from  Making Waldorf Dolls.
After making him I swore I would never use the pattern again. Something about it just didn't work for me. However, Bear found him and fell in love. So... I may be making another one after all. I did use wool felt for his cloths/cap and sleeping bag/pillow. I love it so much better then the eco stuff. 


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