Birthday Weekend

So I was all excited to work on some stuff for my Etsy shop this evening. Two hours till Josh comes home from work and I thought it would be the perfect time to make some items for Mamas. Unfortunately the girls had other ideas and kept walking all over my cutting mat. So I figured I would post an update here instead.

We are finally getting settled into the house. I can't wait to post pictures but none of the rooms are entirely done yet. I want to get the finishing touches done a few then I can start posting. 

We had a wonderful weekend. My birthday always falls with in days of Mother's day so it's always an extra special time. This year I made the girls coordinating t-shirt dresses for Mother's Day. Bear is on the left and Goose on the right. Goose is walking now, but of course won't stand still for a picture with out help.

For my birthday Josh took me shopping for some supplies including two amazing skeins of yarn. I couldn't get the light right for this which is sad. The one on the left has a much prettier color. I am envisioning a little wood gnome doll and a little fairy doll.

Mom and Daddy sent me some money along with a beautiful antique tray for the house. It looks so beautiful on the living room table.

And in the spirit of gifts... I am participating in the SewMamaSew giveaway day. Details over here.

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