Crazy Life

I haven't been on here as much as I planned. February has been full of life. In the best and the worst ways. Josh's grandfather passed away last weekend. We have spent time grieving with his mother. We have also had the chance to celebrate with my brother and his amazing girlfriend as they got engaged over the weekend. In the midst of all this Josh and I have made (multiple) offers on a house and finale had one accepted. We have a home inspection tomorrow morning. YAY! As I said full of living life. The ups and the downs. Good, bad, and beautiful. In the midst of all this, I have actually found some times for a few projects.

Some wash clothes. 


All bundled up around a ring pop. 


Some beautiful felt I bought off of etsy.


Quilt squares waiting to be put into use. 


A doll in progress. Still needs some hair.
So there is a little glimpse into my life these days.


  1. LOVE the washcloths!!!

  2. Me too, the fabric on the washcloths is too cute! I think you have a lot of wonderful projects going on!