Up Coming Milestone and Giveaway.

Hubby, Abi Bear, Maddie Goose and I loaded up the car and drove up north to see some of my family this weekend. We squished the 4 of us, my brother, his wife, their three kids and two dogs as well as my parents into their three bedroom home for the weekend. We spent them time with my mom, dad, and my sister and her husband who live near by celebrating my Dad's 60th birthday. What a milestone!

Abi and Bo hanging out at Nana's house.

In other news my blog has been up and running for almost two years! So to celebrate I am going to host a give away. There is one condition though. I would love to hit another milestone in the on year mark. So I must have at least 5 followers by February 28th. I currently have 4. If this milestone is met I will be giving away the following bookmark.

For every 5 more people that become followers I will be adding to the giveaway. I also make this promise. For the next six weeks I will post every day. Now, off to watch Heroes with Hubby. 

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