An Off Day.

Today was one of those days where nothing went quite right. Nothing was went wrong exactly. But nothing went as smoothly as I was hoping. My potatoes over cooked. I let the bread rise to long. My errands took longer than I anticipated. The fabric picnic basket came out horribly awkward even on the second try. Goose is up way past bed time. The house is a mess. Not a bad day. Just a day full of reminders of my humanness (is that even a word?). 

Thankfully there was also a few quite hours at the sewing machine. The chance to try and encourage and minister to some one who was there for me when I desperately needed encouragement. A family dinner celebrating a special person. Fresh baked bread. Pretty fabric to work with. And the anticipation of an evening spent in bed with journals, fabric, and HGTV hoping, dreaming, and planning. So tonight, I am thankful that I am humane, thankful that I serve a God so much bigger than I am, and thankful for my super fluffy comforter.

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  1. I know how it is, some days go better than others... You are sweet to write about your day with honesty and openness. It is helpful to most of us I think to recall that no one else is perfect either. (I am uusally quite clear about my own imperfections and sometimes when looking at other people's blogs they give such an impression of perfection...) :) Wishing you a happier day!