Bread Bowls and appliques.

Today was one of those days where I felt like nothing was accomplished. Sitting down and looking over the day though I actually manged to do quite a bit. I had chili on the menu for dinner but since it is a bi-weekly staple in our house I decided it needed a little sprucing up this time around. So I took another staple in our house and mixed up a batch of Amish white bread. However, instead of shaping it into loves I made bread bowls. Definitely spruced up an old stand by. 

In between baking those I managed to pick the house up a bit and even spent a little time browsing for fabric at a local quilt shop. I also went walking today. I've been saying since Christmas that I was going to walk every day it was over 50 degrees and today was the first time we broke 35 this month. I had no desire to drag myself to the park at 4:30 but I knew if I didn't today then the whole year would be shot, so I kicked myself into gear. Afterward I even had energy to do some light sewing.

During our trip to Maryland I picked up a five pack of Carter's onesies for ten dollars with the intent to embellish them for Goose. I managed to get this one done while the bread baked. The plan was to use it for Valentines day but I'm not sure it is quite right. Either way it's cute. And I always have more I can work on.

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  1. I love the applique, they turned out very cute. Your girls are adorable.