On Vacation

I haven't been posting much since Hubby, Bear, Goose, and I are all on vacation in Maryland spending some time with my parents. We got here Friday night and spent all day Saturday and Sunday celebrating Mom and Daddy's 40th wedding anniversary. All in all loads of fun. Monday we went to the apple orchard, and today Hubby and I took Goose to the outlet mall while Nana/Mom watched Bear. All in all we found some great deals. The best find however was at Crate and Barrel. They had amazing fabric on sale for 4.50 a yard (down from 32.00 a yard). While I was waiting to get my fabric cut Hubby saw a bin full of fabric remnants we thought were 98 cents a piece so I picked out five or six pieces. When we got to the counter it was 98 cents per pound!  I will leave you with some pictures my amazing sister.

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  1. Hi, this is Alia from coffeebeansdailies! You had left a comment on my wordfull wednesday and so here I am, FINALLY, having a look at your site! I love the pictures and LOVE the bargain shopping! Good job! I will have a look at C&B when I go home next summer. I never even bother going in cuz I know that it is almost pointless as I can't ship any cool things back here to the Middle East! But, I shall try it next year!!!