Some Rambeling Thoughts

No picture today. I took a ton of pictures over the weekend. We went to the Farmer's Market, took a walk down town, went to the horse festival so Abi could experience her first pony ride, went to the orchard, ate amazing soup. Then I came home loaded all my pictures on the lap top and before I could blog them Abi pulled half the keys of the lap top so it is no longer working. Oh well. Hopefully I can get a USB key bored and plug it in. It just has to last till February.

The past few days have been much like the days, weeks and months preceding them. Some amazingly fun, sweet, great moments in there, but for the most part hard and draining. Constantly reminding myself that this (whatever that moment's "this" happens to be) too shall pass. That there is still something to smile about, that God is on His throne. I guess it is a step in the right direction, so many time during hard days I haven't even been able to prompt myself into a good mood. I eagerly await the day when I do not have to prompt myself into a good mood. Though for now the ability to do even that is a blessing.

Truth be told I am lonely. I have many aqauintances and friends whom I adore and have a good time with. But I miss the level of friendship I had back in college. Those few girls who you could tell anything to. The girls who sat up all night helping you study for a class they weren't even in. The girls who went with you to IHOP when you finally felt hungry for the first time in months! The girls who saw you through your absolutely worst with out judgment and celebrated you at your absolute best with out envy. Maybe those kinds of relationships are specific only to college. Maybe they just aren't possible with a husband and toddlers to care for and will return to my life when things are a little more settled and stable. Who knows. God will provide of this I am sure. But today... I'm a little lonely.

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