Spiritual Kansas

When I was 15 we drove from Maryland to Colorado and back. On the way we passed through Kansas. I don't remember much about it except is was flat. Very, very flat. There weren't any mountains. There weren't any valleys. Just flat. Lately I feel stuck in a spiritual Kansas. My walk with God is fine. It isn't bad. I'm not in a valley or anything. But I'm not on a mountain either. Now I know we can't always be on a mountain top, but it's been a long time since I've experienced anything other than a mole hill. Perhaps it's just contentment. Maybe I'm just getting comfortable with my walk with God. Maybe this is what a walk with God looks like when not clouded with the hormones of adolescents, college, or pregnancy. Maybe I'm just analyzing to much. Perhaps I should be glad. But I am feeling pulled, drawn, I am craving something more....

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